Multi Actions for Assistance to Marginalized and Sinistrés (Disaster victims) “MAAMS” is a local NGO of Congolese law, humanitarian aid and development, operational in the territories of Beni and Lubero since 2005.

Legal Documents:

MAAMS has the following legal documents for its operation:

• F92 / 20.901 from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights dated 08/22/2013

• Ministerial Decree No. RDC / 284 / GC / CABMIN / AFF-SAH.SN/011 of 28/09/2011, of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Humanitarian Actions and National Solidarity.

• All legal documents of North Kivu Province

Global Objective

To Contribute to the promotion of human rights and the improvement of socio-economic conditions of vulnerable people and those who are marginalized, by supporting them towards their human development and autonomy, in transparency and respect of human dignity. 

Specific Objectives:

• Improve the means of subsistence of people who are vulnerable and ensure their support towards their autonomy,

• Reduce cases of human rights violations as well as the level of vulnerability of communities affected by crises.


MAAMS aims to be an independent organization serving secured communities and economically autonomous.


MAAMS's mission is to improve the sources of food and income for vulnerable people (communities), through technical and material assistance provided with respect for human dignity; and also, to reduce the violation of human rights.


The MAAMS Charter is to provide multi-dimensional assistance to vulnerable people with respect for Human Dignity. Values :

• Human Dignity,

• Transparency,

• Participation,

• Accountability.

Intervention Approach:

In all of its interventions, MAAMS uses the Rights-Based Approach to Development, which is a Community Approach, emphasizing the rights of women and children, participation, empowerment of the target audience(communities), with the purpose of their appropriation of project actions,

Sectors of Intervention

The Local Multi-Action NGO for Assistance to Marginalized and Disaster Victims "MAAMS" is a "Multisectoral" organization that operates in the following Sectors:

• Food Safety and Nutrition

• Education - Protection - Promotion of Peace

• Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

• Maternal, Child and Reproductive Health

• Water, Hygiene and Sanitation

• Participatory Governance and Community Capacity Building

With these 6 sectors, MAAMS has already implemented projects in all 8 Health Zones in the Territory of Beni, and in 5 Zones of Health (Lubero, Masereka, Musienene, Alimbongo, Kayna) in the territory of Lubero. These projects were funded by various donors, in particular:

Pooled Fund, PNUD, MONUSCO, UNFPA, UNHCR, OXFAM NOVIB, NRC, CARE International, HelpAge International, CORDAID, ZOA, PNMLS, Etc…

The local NGO MAAMS has already been audited by 5 External Audit Firms, in particular: PriceWaterHouseCoopers; Deloitte and Touche Congo Sprl; KPMG; AGESFO, and BEDAP.